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optionbit trading review

Optionbit – The New Face on a New Platform

There are numerous sites out there dealing with the probabilities and permutations of online stock trading and Forex point exchange. There are companies that have been in business for over a decade and have provided valuable platforms to many people who have the yearning to sit at home and make money.

Then why should people leave those companies and start trading with a relatively new platform such as Optionbit? The answer is simple. It’s because Optionbit was and still is the lowest cost binary options trading platform out there. This article is going to tell you the different aspects of trading on Optionbit.

The starting cost

Binary trading in itself is a very low cost concept where you have to trade on low costs and predict if there is any chance of increase in the cost and till how far. But Optionbit adds to it in a way like no other.

It makes the starting amount that you need to put into your account to be eligible to trade as $10. This is a far lesser cost than other such platforms which can cost as high as $40 to $50 even. Hence compared to this the $10 platform ensures a far greater profit ratio in the beginning than others. This is plus point that no one has trumped yet.

Extend & Close

This is a stroke of genius that has elevated Optionbit to all new height since it has started. The fear of any trader is if the trade will go the right direction in time or will it deteriorate before the expiration.

Here Optionbit gives you a chance to totally alter that. This is by either extending the trade time or closing it beforehand based on the situation and what seems the best choice at the time. This is valuable to be understating it, because sometimes trades can go very wrong right at the last moment or maybe just not even reaches its potential in time.

However, if it had just enough time it would reach the given binary leveling and you would get the money. This is exactly what these options do; they basically buy you or let you get rid of time itself.

  • Binarium

    Sıralamada birincilik! En iyi ikili opsiyon broker!
    Yeni başlayanlar için mükemmel seçim! Ücretsiz eğitim ve
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Touch Trading

optionbit trading review is a platform that has made binary options trading more customized than any other platform. The usual options that people get on any binary platform is whether or not the platform will go towards the upper or lower limit, but Optionbit has added to it. It has made option even better; it has added the Touch criteria.

If the asset actually reaches the limits then you get an even higher pay-out than before which can even be up to 91%. This is unbelievable to most people because the pay-out is distinctively higher than any other platform out there.

Final Words

There are many other aspects of Optionbit trading that can be explained and will be in subsequent articles but the main point that we want to show here is that Optionbit is a platform that not only is low cost but has the ability to allow you to make even more money than the other platform. As such this is the best choice that we can recommend to anyone who is ready to take the chances and make the money.

Optionbit trading

Optionbit Trading – Easiest Thing Out There

Like you probably already know there is no dearth of online trading websites out there that deal with the different forms of stock trading such as CFDs and Forex and the new thing on the block, the binary options trading.

But Optionbit trading is something else altogether and we say that from experience. The platform itself was designed to be one thing – flexible. Whereas other platforms tend to be rigid and strong, this platform provides you with a few extra features that make your online trading a bit more interesting.

It also provides you with a few more chances of making more money that you might have made otherwise. This is what makes Optionbit trading as popular as it has become in such a small time.

Normal trading

Optionbit trading is based on all types of trading on the online space and this includes the old traditional way of coping with the stocks and stakes of companies and components as much as the binary options trade. This includes the Forex market points and trading the commodities and indices of the market.

For better knowledge as to what exactly is up for grabs you need to go and take a look at the Asset Index Chart. That will tell you which companies are available to you through Optionbit, but we can tell you that they only keep premium shares in their market.

Broker Characteristics

The broker at Optionbit trading is software that does the total overseeing of the trades that are going on across the board inside the company market space. The documentation keeping record is also done by this broker software.

But the main function of this software is basically the conversion of the different currency in one place and this makes this software the main point of concentration for many traders who indulge only in currency trading.

The broker system of Optionbit is more than a notch above the rest as it is speedy and very effective making the conversions and depositing the money in one go.

Binary Trading

The main aspect of Optionbit trading is the binary trading. It is the main thing that the website and the company deal with. The different aspects and features that they have given this area of the website’s platform are the main reasons thousands of users are leaving other platforms and flocking to Optionbit trading.

The Extend and Close functions that have been added to the normal platform and not to mention the range choices that they allow have made the dream of making more money than you are supposed to a reality which makes Optionbit trading the best type there is out there.

But the main reason why some of the newcomers are joining only Optionbit is because the starting money for binary trading is only $10. When you add to that the highest pay-out in the industry which is basically around 90% and a chance to make 400% on the weekends through bonuses you would be a fool if you did not choose Optionbit trading as your first priority.

All in all trading with Optionbit is an experience. With a user friendly platform and a ripe market with practically untapped potential it is ready to make your money. All that is left is the decision, which is yours.

7 Binary Options

UPDATE (12.01.2020):

We have found out that OptionBit has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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Old Review:

There are various considerations that binary options traders need to take into account prior to investing with ant binary options trading platform. Over the recent past, there has been a growing concern by the traders in binary options, regarding the increased number of scam brokers in the industry. A large number of unsuspecting trades from various parts of the world have fallen victims to such providers and lost their money in the process.

As a result, the traders in this industry have become more vigilant and cautious about the brokers they invest in. At 7 binary options, we have done the investigations for you and tested the various brokers ion the industry. As such, you should not have any doubts about any of the brokers we have listed in our list of trusted brokers. This brings us to the main question here, is OptionBit a safe binary options broker to invest with?

Yes, OptionBit binary options trading platform is a safe and secure trading platform for traders from all parts of the world. Having reviewed the company and operated a trading account with them, we are confident that this is among the best binary options brokers you will come across in the industry. Being one of the fast growing platforms in the world, OptionBit platform has been a subject of discussion among many binary options traders in the recent past. Over the period that this broker has been operational, it has offered nothing, but the best binary options services. This is one of the reasons why all the traders using this platform are highly satisfied with its services.

The OptionBit banking system is also very secure and easy to use. As such the money in the account is always safe and secure. The withdrawal and deposit processes from and into OptionBit traders’ accounts are also seamless and secure. This being the case, OptionBit is a safe and secure binary option trading platforms to invest with in the binary options market. The binary options trading platform on offer by OptionBit is not only safe and secure for binary options traders from different parts of the world, it is also easy to use for both the beginners in binary options trading as well as the experienced binary options traders. Additionally, the company offers reliable customer support services to help their customers, in case they have any difficulties with the various aspects of the OptionBit binary options platform.

The OptionBit binary options trading platform is also committed to ensuring that all the traders using its services flourish, regardless of their experience in the trade. To demonstrate this desire to help their customers succeed in trading binary options, the company is offering risk free demo trading accounts to help their customers learn the trade and build confidence in trading binary options profitably. The company also offers educational materials on its platform, in addition to the supportive customer help provided by the company. This way, the company helps the new traders in binary options master various trading strategies and gain beneficial trading skills to help them succeed in the real binary options trading platform.

Customer Complaints Relating to OptionBit Services

The OptionBit binary options trading platform has been operational for a considerable period now. Over that period, the platform has managed to attract customers from the various parts of the world. The majority of traders using this platform have managed to achieve satisfactory levels of success while trading in binary options on this platform. This may be the reason why there has not been any customer complaints regarding the services offered by this broker until now. The fact that there have not been any complaints by the binary option s traders using the OptionBit platform is a good indicator that the company is not fraud. The company has also established a track recording as a leading provider in the binary options industry, offering a reliable and easy to use trading platform, high quality services and secure transactions. This is why we find this broker a safe and secure investment option for traders looking for a broker to invest with in the binary options world.

Currently, there are numerous complaints online regarding various trading platforms, but none on the OptionBit binary options trading platform. Since its launch, the company has been paying much attention towards ensuring that the traders using its platform get the type of services they deserve. Additionally, there is a quick and helpful customer help desk that solely focuses on solving any questions that the customers may have before such problems transform into complaints on various online platforms. The services on offer by the OptionBit binary options broker are highly satisfactory and transparent. This type of services has generated high satisfaction rates by the many traders using this online binary options trading platform. Provided that a trader has the right strategy, and know how to read the market signs and invest accordingly, they are more likely to profit from trading in binary options on the OptionBit platform, as compared to any other binary options platform.

So far, the OptionBit binary options broker has not received a negative feedback or review by any of the traders using its platform. On the contrary, the company has becomes very popular among binary options traders across the globe. In this regard, the company has managed to build trust among its members and potential traders in the binary options market. Considering the nature of this trade and the services and benefits offered by other brokers in this industry, the OptionBit binary options broker is one of the best investment partners you will eve come across in the binary options industry. The company offers various features to help the beginners in the industry learn how to profit from trading in binary options and the experienced traders to profit even more. With the various features and trading tools offered by this company, it is very easy and convenient for traders, both the beginners and the experienced traders to profit from the trade.

Is This Broker Regulated?

Prior to investing your money with any of the online binary options brokers available today, it is highly advisable that you carry out some research on the broker. The regulation on a broker is particularly an aspect of interest among many binary options brokers today. At 7binary options, we are committed to researching the various online binary options brokers and availing the truthful information to our readers so that they can invest with the right brokers only. Being regulated ensures that a broker stays in line with the stipulated laws and regulations of the regulator. As such, regulated brokers are a top choice for traders looking foreword to investing in this market. The OptionBit binary options trading platform is registered in Cyprus. This being the case, the broker is regulated by a well renowned regulating body across the globe, the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

The broker was regulated by CySEC back in 2020.since then; there no case of malpractice by the broker has been reported. The regulated state of the broker has also gone a long way in building trust between the broker and its customers across the globe. When investing in the financial market, it is common for traders to be cautious about the brokers they use. The fact that OptionBit is regulated is an indicator that it is a safe, secure and reliable investment partner in the industry.

In addition to investing in binary options with this broker, traders also have an opportunity to trade in an array of other financial instruments that are allowed by the broker on its platform. The binary options trading platform offered by this company is also very easy to understand and use. As such, it is easy and simple enough fir the beginners in this trade to understand and successfully trade in binary options. If you happen to be a professional binary options broker, you also have a chance to sign up with and start profiting from the various assets provided by the company.

Despite the fats that the OptionBit binary options trading platform is regulated, it is able to offer returns that are above average for its traders. This is a benefit, bearing in mind that the other regulated brokers in this industry are only capable of offering average returns. In addition to the high returns on investment, the platform on offer at OptionBit is easy to use, well organized and features a seamless design. As such, it is one of the best binary options trading platforms in the industry today. This leaves the traders, both experienced and the inexperienced with an opportunity to make considerable profits while making predictions in the financial market.

OptionBit VIP

Among the revolutionary features that you can come across when trading in binary options on this platform is the VIP binary options trading accounts. This type of account was specifically designed with the professional traders in mind. The Optionbit VIP accounts present an opportunity for the serious traders to make good returns on their investment in the binary options market. If you consider yourself as a serious professional trader and are looking for an opportunity to reap the best returns on your investment, you should consider opening a VIP account with Optionbit. With the VIP account, you will have the opportunity to be treated as a professional binary options trader that you are. While trading in binary options, you will come across various aspects that need clarification from time to time. While operating the VIP account, all the issues that you may have will be addressed professionally by the customer service team in the shortest time possible.

With the Optionbit VIP accounts, traders can swiftly and directly get in touch with the market analysts at Optionbit. To achieve this, you can call the analytics through the number provided by the company on its website during office hours. This allows for immediate feedback on all issues that you may have while trading in binary options on this platform. In addition to the timely and professional customer help provided by the Optionbit VIP account, traders also have horde of benefits to reap from operating these accounts. For instance the withdrawal process with the Optionbit VIP account is much faster, as compared to withdrawals from a normal Optionbit account. In this case, the trader can get his or her money 3 to 5 days after making the withdrawal request. Again, the VIP account allows traders to get immediate funding, through the special investment funding; hence take advantage of a viable market position.

The Welcome Bonus at OptionBit

The OptionBit broker has a reward scheme in place, not to attract customer to its binary options trading platform, but rather to enhance the likelihood of its customer to make more profit while trading binary options. The welcome initial deposit is one such offer by this company. Basically, not all the investment strategies that you try in the world of binary options will yield positive results. By offering an initial deposit bonus, the company increases the investment capital of its customers. This way, traders can invest in more options with minimal risk to their invested amount.

The company offers an impressive bonus scheme for the traders in its binary options trading platform. As compared to the other brokers in this industry, OptionBit offers comparatively high initial deposit bonus of up to 100 percent. To benefit from this promotion, you just need to open an account with the broker and make the initial deposit, as required by the broker. With OptionBit binary options broker, you can get bonuses of up to $500 on your initial deposit; hence increase your investment capital proportionately. The company also offers a diverse investment environment, with more than 30 assets for traders to trade in. The initial deposit offered by this company is a magnificent way for traders to start of their binary options trading carrier and profit from trading the various financial instruments provided by the platform.

OptionBit withdrawal

Whenever you start investing in a binary options market, one of the most common considerations that a lot of people usually worry about is how they are going to withdraw their earnings. There are so many people who have been asking about OptionBit withdrawal and how this can be done. It is only common sense that you want to learn as much as you can about OptionBit withdrawal and some of the strategies behind it.

One of the main reasons why we always encourage people to learn as much as they can about OptionBit withdrawal is so that we can be able to prevent sprawling propaganda all over the internet. Today there are individuals who do not follow instructions, neither do they read them, and as soon as they encounter a technical hitch or any problem that is of their own doing, they run all over the internet and start spreading rumors of how OptionBit withdrawal is a scam. Well, today we are going to set the record straight and show you everything that you need to know.

The Withdrawal Process at OptionBit

The optionbit binary options broker allows the traders on its platform to make a withdrawal form their accounts at any time they feel like withdrawing from their accounts. The withdrawal process at OptionBit is easy and very secure. The process is essentially supported by Radiologic, a modern money processing technology that is designed to offer safe and secure investment and money transfer. The ease of the withdrawal process is further enhanced by the easy to use OptionBit binary options trading platform. Additionally, the broker is also regulated, hence closely monitored by the regulating body to ensure that it offers satisfactory financial services, in accordance with the regulator requirements.

As it is, following the market trends, analyzing the provided charts for various assets and reading the binary options trade signals in order to make correct predictions in the financial market is not an easy task. This is to say that it can be quite challenging and demanding for traders to continually profit from trading binary options. In this regard, there is not point of going through the same rigorous process to withdraw and get your profits from the platform. This is partly the reason why the company has committed to availing an easy and faster withdrawal process for its customers. Over the years that the broker has been in business, it has continued to work on improving the withdrawal process for its customers. If you encounter any problem while withdrawing from your OptionBit account, you can also get assistance from the customer assistance professionals at OptionBit.

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