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What do we do?
The World Education Forum points out to politicians in all countries of the world that it is their duty to get all children to school! If we speak on behalf of millions of children, parents, teachers and organizations, then we would be able to force them to stand by their agreement.

Why do we do this?

  • Education is the best investment for the future of every country.
  • Education will become increasingly important when the next generation will have to take care of us as we age.
  • Education can give children the tools to become less dependant on welfare and social services in the future.
  • Education can be preventative in terms of creating a more peaceful and law-abiding society.

How do we do this?
The World Education Forum has started initiatives worldwide. We have active network members in the Netherlands, England, Wales, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Australia, Nepal and the United States. In these countries WEF Platforms or communities have been created or are being developed.

What do these networks do?

  • Each WEF network aims to link up the largest possible number of schools, teachers, leaders, parents as  ambassadors.
  • Each WEF network investigates its countries’ facts and figures on education.
  • Each WEF network lobbies in its own political system and reports about it.
  • Each WEF network supports others countries initiatives.