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Can you remember your own childhood; the unlimited expectations that you had for life? The drive you had to learn and explore? The dreams about the boundless possibilities? For many children in the world, this is not the case.

According to United Nations records more than 80 million children in the world do not have access to any education. There is no school, no possibilities to learn how to read and write. Large groups of children are forced into child labor and 127 million young people are illiterate and their life expectations will be halved.  These children have no chance in our 21st century knowledge society.

In 2000 the United Nations set the so called Millennium Goals for 2015:  access to a full course of primary education for all children by 2015.

This did not happen according to the United Nations’ figures. There are many beautiful and well-intended initiatives by charity and non-governmental organizations but often they are not sustainable when the support ends. Moreover, recent political turmoil in the Middle East and Africa has set many people adrift and children in refugee camps with, again, no access to education.

The Millennium goals were followed up by 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) from the period 2015-2030. SDG Nr. 4 is Education.

So educators all over the world will stand up and say: Enough is enough. If you want me to educate your children and they are not in my school; how can I educate them? If you want me to educate your children and you do not provide me with the necessary tools; how can I make this happen? Children cannot represent and organize themselves.

That’s why the World Education Forum (WEF) was launched. The World Education Forum is based on membership of all schools in the world. For a minimum of 15 Euros a year you can become a WEF school and be part of a worldwide education movement with its motto: ”Educators will advocate; education for every child.”

We need your support.

Join the World Education Forum network and help to give children a chance.