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In 2016-2017 the following results have been accomplished thus far:

  • WEF has presented itself during the ESHA Bi-annual Conference in Maasticht
  • WEF organized fundraising on the “Zuidermarkt” in Amsterdam
  • WEF organized a workshop during the annual conference of NAESP in Washington DC and spoke with influential politicians.
  • WEF has reconstructed the WEF website, both Global and NL
  • WEF goals have been presented to the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte
  • WEF was presented at and participated in the AVS annual conference in Utrecht
  • WEF presented a keynote and workshop during the annual conference of the Bulgarian Platform in Plovdiv
  • WEF spoke with the Deputy Minister of Education and the Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • WEF presented a petition, signed by 700 WEF ambassadors
  • WEF spoke with influential politicians in Brussels
  • WEF participated in EC programs like reducing early school leaving by Ton Duif
  • WEF gave a presentation during ESHA General Assembly in Mallorca

AVS= Dutch Association of Schoolleaders
NAESP= National Association of Elementary School Principals
ESHA=European School Heads Association

Expansion of the network

The World Education Forum is established in 2012 in Toronto during the ICP conference. In the meeting were people as Any Hargreaves, Sjoerd Slagter, Darrell Rudd, Mary Kay Sommers Rich Barbecaine and many others. During the past years, WEF has established very active platforms in the United States, Netherlands and Bulgaria. On a global scale we have more than 60 ambassadors in 12 countries.

We’ve launched a petition that have been signed by over 700 people all over the world.


The Dutch cities Rotterdam, Utrecht, the Haque and Amsterdam have signed a covenant to reduce the numer of children not attending school to zero in 2020. This is good news for the 10,000! children that are currently not attending school, due to a various number of reasons. The main reason is that there is little coordination between the agencies. The World Education Forum has put a lot of efforts in this matter. To reduce the number of truants it very difficult and can only be successful if all stakeholders work efficiently together. It’s a good start though it raises the question what will happen with these truants that are not living in these cities.