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The WEF has written a petition which can be used to persuade policy makers to do what they are expect to do: Making sure that every child in your country is getting educated. By signing the petition you will help others to use the petition sending it to educators, policy makers and others.

The text is as follows:

The Undersigned

as a supporter of the World Education Forum


  1. That at this moment more than 70 million children have no or limited access to education,
  2. That these children without education are a ticking time bomb,
  3. That these children can’t help that,
  4. That they suffer from this now and in the future. It leads to growing criminality, child labor, trafficking in women and economic damage,
  5. That these children are likely to become a lost generation; no education no future.

Calls on

  1. All policy makers to give a guarantee that every child  will have a gapless access to education,
  2. All governments, as a member of the Global Education Society, will make efforts to insure that all children  will have guaranteed access to education,
  3. To put this issue at the top of the political agenda.

I hereby support the World Education Forum in their work for all children in the world. I endorse the petition published on this website.

Please sign the petition