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These US students are not attending any public, private or home school!

Educators are on the front lines of educating students. Education leaders are responsible for ensuring that all of their students are achieving at their highest level. Six million school-age children (ages 3-17) in the United States need our nation’s educators and learning communities to increase efforts to locate them, get them into school, and ensure that they complete their education in order to have the best chance to be successful in their life’s journey!
Who’s aware and concerned about these 6 million students in US who are not attending any school…not public, not private, not home schools? Imagine this country’s future when our lack of awareness, initiative and adequate resources have enabled so many students to not attend or do not return to any school.

Who is WEFUSA?
Three NAESP Past Presidents (Darrell Rud/MT, Mary Kay Sommers/CO, Rich Barbacane/PA) met with international leaders in 2011 to learn more about the global World Education Forum (WEF). After much encouragement from US and international leaders, we decided to develop a non-profit foundation in the US to support the WEF goals. We operate independently, are self-funded and are affiliated with the global WEF along with more than 30 other countries.

The World Education Forum USA is developing a network in each state to address this issue. Currently, 31 states have volunteer WEFUSA Ambassadors who are willing to coordinate efforts in their state. We post informational articles on the website along with connectivity to our active social media sites: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We are pleased to have Robyn Hansen(AZ) meeting with us regularly and Melissa Patschke(PA) managing our LinkedIn and Twitter platforms.

What Can We Do?

• Check the WEFUSA website for your state, county, and school district’s enrollment data. .
• Write an op-ed on this issue at the local or state level including relevant data.
• Share the issue with school district and community resources.
o Ask them for ways to find these missing kids.
• Ask kids “Where do you go to school?” Find out more if they are not attending any school. Provide support and encouragement.
• Identify community leaders who will ask such questions:
o Health care
o Religious leaders
o Community agencies
o School families may know a neighbor child not attending
• Check the WEFUSA website links for resources
o Past NAESP presentations
o Data and maps for states, counties and school districts
o Background information (i.e., American Community Survey)

Make a Difference for a Child!
Please join us in addressing this troubling issue! Imagine how different our communities and world would be if we mobilized our communities to help every child become an educated citizen! Let’s find just one child today in our community who needs our support to be educated!

As Nelson Mandela is often quoted after making such a positive difference in his country,
“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul
than the way in which it treats its children.”

Failing to locate and educate 6 million US children is a troubling disservice that is likely to have a lifelong negative impact…not just upon them but also upon our country!